Tour overview

Nungwi is situated at the extreme northern spot of the island, around a 60 minutes’ drive from Stone Town. In spite of the fact that the village is known for countless things, the most renowned motivation to visit Nungwi is to appreciate one of Zanzibar’s most magnificent beaches.

To have an exceptional encounter in the Nungwi village tour, the guided tour to the village lasted for some hours while the guide had the option to walk tourists to numerous zones of the village that could not never have found all alone.

Afterward, the tour includes a visitation to the local market, visits the territory where men were making dhow sailboats, have a view of ladies as they make baskets, toured various schools as well as mosques, and likewise tour the distinctive political village bunch base camp.

Indeed, Taking a Nungwi village tour is the appropriate approach to see neighborhood living locally. While the Nungwi village tour also incorporates visitation to Mnarani Natural Aquarium, which isn’t the most impressive aquarium on the planet, yet you will get to see amazing Sea turtles up and close.

On the off chance that you appreciate to SCUBA jump, numerous authorized PADI that have been certified dive spots are accessible focuses along the beach. There are many dive location close to Nungwi, however likely the most acclaimed and well known is around Mnemba Island. Nungwi is a decent village suitable for tourists in case you’re fascinated by diving.

Tour Highlights!

Magnificent beach at Nungwi

  • While the East Coast beaches of Zanzibar experience the ill effects of exceptionally low and elevated tides, where low tide makes it basically difficult to swim, Nungwi’s northern tip position experiences little tide changes for the duration of the day.
  • On the off chance that you adore perfectly clear turquoise ocean water, where you will have the chance to swim in the warm water for the duration of the day, Nungwi is perhaps the wondrous spot to visit on the island.
  • There are numerous classic resorts accessible in Nungwi, yet you’ll additionally discover more moderate hotels, just as a couple of spending style cabins, okay close to the astounding beach.

Exploring the NungwiVillage

  • Nungwi isn’t simply a spot with a brilliant beach, yet it’s made up of a full village with a well estimated populace, typically known to be the second-largest spot on the island. At Nungwi there are a number of exceptionally interesting things for your sight to appreciate and activities to engage in such as the natural aquarium wherein a home is imperiled sea turtles and an assortment of fish. The actual aquarium is a natural development cut out from the coral bedrock by the disintegration of millions of waves running into the shore. The profundity of the water rises and falls with the tides giving a natural climate to its occupants.

Mnarani Natural Aquarium

  • Mnarani Aquarium is a well-known small flowing lake encompassed by the permeable coral razz stone that is home to many jeopardized hawksbill and green turtles. You will have the opportunity to care for turtles with seaweed and take countless shot photos. After that, you’ll have lunch in a neighborhood restaurant.
  • While watching the white sails of the Dhows pass by, you may consider how these impressive boats are made. The Nungwi Boat Yard is a super experience where you’ll meet the boatyard proprietor and figure out how the dhows are worked; from the sourcing of the wood to the joints utilized and how they are dispatched. Moreover, you will likewise get an opportunity to visit dhow- a popular local boat- producers by the beach and sight how a boat will be produced locally using their creativity.

Nungwi Village- Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation Pond

  • The Tour to Nungwi Village also enables tourists to visit The Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond. This is known to be a local area, a typically NGO, found in 1993 with the aim to conserve the number of inhabitants in sea turtles local to Zanzibar island. The Stone Town supported Eco and Culture Tours NGO was the originator of this undertaking and engaged the neighborhood villagers to safeguard through preservation activity. Notably, there exist Hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelysimbricata) which have traditionally been pursued around Zanzibar for their appealing shells, as well as Green turtles (Cheloniamydas), as it is suitable for meat.


  • Boat fee
  • Guiding fee
  • Snorkeling equipment usage
  • All government fees
  • Entrance fee
  • Conservation fee
  • Trained, friendly and professional guide
  • All government Fee & taxes
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off can be organized as per your request.
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Details Itinerary

Nungwi village is referred to as dhow boat building central in all the entire Zanzibar. A dhow can best be described as a traditional wooden boat, initially brought over from Yemen. Presently, dhows have great benefits in transportation as well as the fishing carried in Zanzibar, also on the east coast of Africa.

On arrival in Nungwi, you have the privilege to stroll around the boatyard, situated close to the ocean, where teams of men fabricate wonderful new boats by hand.

Additionally, it is believed that probably the best activity for you in Zanzibar, is to engage in the dhow cruise at sunset. Peacefully cruising with the breeze as the sun gradually declines over the Indian Ocean, is genuinely a majestic method to go through an evening.

Nungwi is best described as the name associated with a village in the northern region of Zanzibar Island. This region of the trip basically centers on Cultural village visits of the Nungwi Village, touring, and available energy to relax at the white sand beach of the north. The best ideal opportunity to visit is in the early morning when the fish market is in full swing – relying upon the catch the earlier night you may see King Fish, Dorado, Tuna, and an assortment of other huge fish available to be purchased. In the morning's neighborhood, fishermen swim out to the edge of the coral reef to get various distinctive small sea creatures including squid, octopus, pufferfish, and an intermittent beam – their catch will be sold at the fish market for the duration of the day.

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